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Recycle Your Cemented Carbide with Hyperion Materials & Technologies


Hyperion recycling cemented carbide

Carbide recycling is a critical process that helps ensure long-term sustainability of cemented carbide tooling and maintain a stable supply chain for users of cemented carbide products. Recycling cemented carbide gives these hard materials new life without the negative environmental impact of mining for virgin raw materials. As a global supplier of tungsten carbide products, we are uniquely positioned to help you recycle your scrap carbide and re-integrate it into the supply chain so that we can meet tool blank demands and reduce reliance on unstable supply chains.

Hyperion Materials & Technologies would like to be your carbide recycling partner. We will purchase your used cemented carbide tools and components to be recycled into future products.


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Why recycle carbide?

Recycling carbide creates a win-win situation for you and Hyperion. You get a competitive rate for your scrap carbide, and Hyperion gets materials that we can integrate back into the supply chain. 

Why recycle carbide with Hyperion?

Hyperion has developed the unique ability to get virgin-level material quality and performance from recycled carbide. By selling your scrap carbide to Hyperion’s carbide recycling process, you help us get the raw materials we use in many of our carbide grades. This helps us meet the demand for quality carbide blanks without relying on specific suppliers or suppliers from locations where consistent production can’t be obtained. This shortens the supply chain for tungsten carbide materials, allowing us to optimize the manufacture of carbide blanks.

What carbide products can be recycled?

With Hyperion, you can recycle used carbide tools and parts, production losses, and grinding sludge or filters. This scrap then goes through a chemical recycling process to convert it into the materials needed to produce future products. The use of recycled material also minimizes mining activity for nonrenewable resources, mainly tungsten ore.

How does tungsten carbide recycling benefit the carbide supply chain?

Tungsten is a rare element, making up only 0.001 percent of the earth’s crust, with 60 to 70 percent of the world’s reserves in China. Without recycling, the world’s tungsten supply is dependent on a small amount of ore from one country. Supply chain security is one of the key reasons Hyperion places a critical focus on recycling cemented carbide products.

How can recycling carbide help me meet my sustainability goals?

As many companies put further efforts into sustainability, tungsten carbide recycling can be an important element in reducing CO2 emissions, as well as a company’s overall environmental impact. In general, manufacturing new tungsten carbide products from recycled tungsten carbide materials uses 70 percent less energy and emits 40 percent less carbon dioxide than virgin materials.

How do I recycle carbide?

We provide an easy-to-use service where transportation to the recycling facility is arranged and paid for. We make it easy for you.


Hyperion cemented carbide recycling


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  • Some restrictions apply, and not all products can be recycled in all regions.

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