Custom Insert Blanks

Customized cemented carbide insert blanks are preformed to create a specific cutting geometry to meet your tool requirements.

Metal cutting custom insert blanks are preformed shapes or forms made of hard and wear-resistant tungsten carbide. Insert blanks are further processed into finished tools by the tool maker to be used as tools for threading, parting, grooving, drilling, reaming, and milling applications. Insert blanks are provided in a near-net-shape form customized to meet the specific cutting geometries of the customer's desired tool applications. Near-net-shape insert blanks minimize the need for additional shaping and grinding by the customer.

Insert blanks are typically machined to the desired shape and size of the tool by using computer-controlled milling machines. The finished tools can be coated using chemical vapor deposition (CVD), physcial vapor deposition (PVD), or other diamond coatings to enhance the performance and extend the tool life. Hyperion offers cemented carbide grades for insert blanks that are qualified with various coating suppliers.

At Hyperion Materials & Technologies, we can design and manufacture a range of cemented carbide blanks tailored to each customer's unique design to improve tool productivity and throughput. We offer three finishing options:

  • As-sintered

  • Top face and bottom face (T&B) ground

  • T&B and periphery ground.


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Description: Cemented carbide insert blanks are the basic building blocks of cemented carbide cutting tools, made of a mixture of tungsten carbide (WC) and cobalt (Co), which are sintered together at high temperatures. The tungsten carbide provides hardness and wear resistance, while the cobalt acts as a binder and gives the blanks their toughness. Hyperion Materials & Technologies provides preformed cemented carbide insert blanks tailored to each customer’s unique design. We offer three finishing options: as-sintered, top face and bottom face (T&B) ground, and T&B and periphery ground.

Hyperion cemented carbide and cermet insert blanks

Custom Insert Blanks Applications


Custom insert blanks are used in turning, milling, and drilling applications to develop finished cutting tools and are an advantageous option over traditional solid cutting tools. Insert blanks provide several benefits in shaping and cutting tools, such as tool versatility, extended tool life, improved machining performance, and reduced machine downtimes.


Custom Insert Blanks Products


We create your uniquely designed custom insert blank in complex 2D & 3D geometries, near-net-shape designs, and finished sintered geometries. In addition, we have a wide range of carbide grades, from general purpose to application specific grades. Hyperion has formulated some of the industry-leading grades to tackle your challenging metal-cutting application.

Frequently Asked Questions about Custom Insert Blanks

What are custom insert blanks?

Custom insert blanks are cemented tungsten carbide blanks manufactured to the desired customer geometry by pressing cemented carbide powder to the shape and sintering at high temperature and pressure to achieve the desired strength and hardness.

What materials are used to make custom insert blanks?

Custom insert blanks can be made from various materials, such as tungsten carbide and ceramics, depending on the specific machining application and performance requirements. Hyperion specializes in industry-leading cemented tungsten carbide grades to tackle your challenging metal-cutting applications.

What are the benefits of custom insert blanks?

The benefits of custom insert blanks are improved productivity, extended tool life, reduced manufacturing costs, enhanced machining performance, and exceptional versatility. With their ability to enhance efficiency, durability, and cost-effectiveness, custom insert blanks are preferred for manufacturers seeking optimal results in their machining processes.

What machining applications can use custom insert blanks?

Custom insert blanks can be used in a wide range of machining applications, including turning, milling, and drilling applications. Within each application, insert blanks are used for cutting, threading, parting, grooving, and reaming tools.

Can custom insert blanks be coated?

Custom insert blanks can be coated with advanced material coatings, such as chemical vapor deposition (CVD), physcial vapor deposition (PVD), or other diamond coatings. Hyperion grades are qualified at various coatings suppliers.