Energy & Natural Resources

Hyperion Materials & Technologies develops and manufactures a wide variety of products used by the energy and natural resources industries. We provide turnkey and tailor-made high-performance solutions for the most demanding conditions and environments using cemented tungsten carbide, synthetic diamond, and other advanced materials.

Energy & Natural Resources

From wear-resistant components in traditional mining and oil & gas applications to supporting sustainable and emerging technologies such as geothermal, solar, wind, hydroelectric, and more, we are constantly expanding our portfolio to meet the evolving needs of energy technology companies.

Why work with Hyperion Materials & Technologies? We partner closely with our clients to provide solutions that optimize long-term costs and increase productivity. We apply decades of experience in materials science, engineering, and manufacturing to support our customers as they produce energy and extract resources in the most efficient and sustainable ways possible.

In addition, we offer leading Research & Development capabilities to help pioneer new solutions and technologies.

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Products that serve the Energy & Natural Resources industries:

Carbide Sleeve

Directional Drilling Tools & RSS

Precision parts manufactured in erosion and corrosion resistant cemented carbides

Hyperion cemented carbide flow control parts for oil & gas applications

Flow Control Valves

Standard cemented carbide chokes, seats, and points in a range of sizes and carbide grades



Mixed Component Sub-Assemblies

Sub-assemblies made with cemented carbide joined with other materials for oil & gas applications

Sub-Assemblies Hexagon

Tailor-made Solutions

Tailor-made components and sub-assemblies for oil & gas applications


Drill Bits and Downhole Tools

Drill compacts manufactured to custom dimensions

wear parts for mining

Carbide Wear Protection Parts

Wear protection parts for mining manufactured to custom dimensions

Cemented carbide nozzle for oil & gas

Fluid Handling Wear Parts

Cemented carbide rings, nozzles, and fluid handling parts for solar, hydroelectric, and geothermal applications

Hyperion cemented carbide wear parts grouping

Wear Parts for Alternative Energy

Wear-resistant components for wind and hydroelectric power applications

PCD assortment

PCD for Energy Applications

PCD designed to provide longer tool life, highly improved workpiece quality, significantly faster cutting speeds, and higher material removal rates

Hyperion cemented carbide anvils


Cemented carbide high pressure, high temperature dies, anvils, and punches 


Abrasives for Cutting Solar Panels

Diamonds with unrivaled hardness, abrasion resistance, and low friction

MBG 640.jpg

Diamond Mesh for Mining

Diamonds made with the size, shape, impact toughness, fracture strength, and thermal stability needed in oil and gas applications

Hyperion Cemented carbide stamping tool blank wear part

Stamping Blanks

Cemented carbide stamping tool blanks for semiconductors and other electronics


Compounds for Polishing Solar Panels

Diamond compounds and slurries designed to polish solar panels and cells


Wire Dies

Wire dies for manufacturing electrical wire

Hyperion materials research with woman at microscope

Research and Development

Our experts in hard and super-hard materials are a global resource


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