Bevel Stick Blade Blanks

Near-net-shape cemented tungsten carbide stick blade blanks for tool makers to shape, grind, and finish for face hobbing and milling of bevel gears.

Stick blade blanks are cemented tungsten carbide blanks used for face hobbing and milling of bevel gears. Stick blade blanks are produced by Hyperion as near-net-shape sintered blanks. Toolmakers further process the stick blade blanks into finished tools with their required geometry.

Hyperion Materials & Technologies manufacturers sintered cemented carbide near-net-shape pre-formed bevel stick blade blanks to allow tool makers to shape, grind, and finish the stick blades to create unique tools according to their specifications and gear design.


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Product Groups

Type: Bevel Blade Blanks

Dimensions: as per drawing/requested

Description: Preformed bevel style blanks manufactured to custom dimensions in accordance with agreed solution. Cemented carbide grades and designs are tailored to each customer based on individual needs and requirements.


Bevel Stick Blade Blanks Applications


Bevel stick blade blanks are used in a variety of gear-cutting and bevel gear machining applications. They are used in gear teeth roughing, hobbing, and finishing stages. Made from premium carbide grades using a state-of-the-art sintering process, stick blade blanks allow tools to conform to the shape of the gear blank, generate precise cuts, and create a smooth surface finish.

Hyperion Materials & Technologies manufactures a wide range of high-quality carbide grades optimized for manufacturing solid cemented carbide custom bevel blade blanks to meet customer specifications. We also focus on developing gear hob blanks and power skiving blanks for demanding gear-cutting and hobbing operations.

FAQs about Bevel Stick Blade Blanks

What are bevel stick blade blanks?

Bevel stick blade blanks are pre-cut, unfinished blades shaped with an angled cutting edge on one or both sides of the blank. Made from cemented carbide, bevel stick blade blanks are the foundation for creating custom tools in the gear manufacturing industry.

What are bevel stick blade blanks used for?

Bevel stick blade blanks are used for several types of bevel gear machining, such as roughing, finishing, shaping, and hobbing gear teeth.

What are the advantages of using bevel stick blade blanks?

Using bevel stick blade blanks offers several advantages in bevel gear manufacturing. Here are some key advantages:

  1. Customization: Bevel stick blade blanks allow manufacturers to shape and grind the blade to their desired design, thickness, and length, creating a unique solution for each type of bevel gear.

  2. Time and cost efficiency: With consistent material properties and dimensions, customers will benefit from the reduced cost of processing the tools.

  3. Consistency and quality: Tight controls on the carbide grades and a robust manufacturing process provides lot-to-lot consistency of Hyperion carbide blanks used to make bevel blades.

  4. Resharpening: Because the carbide grades are consistent, the wear is predictable, and hence, the Hyperion blanks can be re-sharpened easily and can be reused multiple times, reducing the cost to customers.

How do bevel stick blade blanks improve production uptime?

Bevel stick blade carbide blanks improve production uptime compared to steel blanks. Hyperion blanks are made from premium carbide grades, which provide a long tool lifespan and the ability to have high throughput and efficiency in manufacturing.

Can I customize bevel stick blade blanks?

Bevel stick blade blanks can be customized and designed to meet precise and specific needs. Hyperion Materials & Technologies provides near-net-shape blanks tailored to customer designs.

What tools are needed to process the blanks to finished tools?

Several tools are needed to process bevel stick blade blanks to finished tools. Toolmakers would need grinders and EDMs to convert the blanks to finished tools. They will also need a CNC to obtain the required profile on the blanks to machine-specific gears.

Are bevel stick blade blanks ready for use or do they require additional finishing?

Hyperion bevel stick blade blanks are pre-cut but unfinished. The semi-finished near-net-shape blanks require further grinding, cutting, polishing, and coating to finish the tools.