Custom Tungsten Carbide Powder

Tailor-made, ready-to-press tungsten carbide powder grades developed and manufactured in Europe and North America to meet customer specifications

Custom carbide powders are free ready-to-press, tailor made tungsten carbide and cobalt-based powders developed to customer specifications for use in the manufacture and production of cemented carbide wear parts, tools, and other products.

Hyperion Materials & Technologies partners with customers to design the grades needed by varying the composition and tungsten carbide grain size. Hyperion offers a range of binders, including but not limited to, cobalt and nickel and additives such as chromium/vanadium carbide, titanium carbide, and tantalum/niobium carbide.


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Description: Ready-to-press carbide powder grades designed and manufactured to customer requirements.

Hyperion ready-to-press cemented carbide powder

How is our Custom Tungsten Carbide Powder developed?


Custom tungsten carbide powder grades from Hyperion are developed according to the customer´s specifications and requirements. In addition to the wide range of standard ready-to-press powders, customers can partner with Hyperion to develop the ready-to-press powder grade needed for their application.

Because all businesses do not require the same quality or prices, custom carbide powder grades can be based on either all virgin materials or a mixture of virgin and recycled materials. Hyperion's carbide powder specialists will work with you to develop the optimal carbide powder formulation as a raw material for your wear parts or tooling project.

With more than 40 years of experience in the carbide powder business we will help you to achieve the best tungsten carbide powder solution for your application.

Frequently Asked Questions about Custom Tungsten Carbide Powder Grades

What is custom carbide powder?

Custom carbide powder is ready-to-press carbide powder that is tailormade for use in tooling or wear parts applications. Hyperion has more than 40 years of experience in producing ready-to-press powders. Due to this expertise, Hyperion can vary the composition of the binders cobalt and nickel and additives such as chromium/vanadium carbide, titanium carbide, and tantalum/niobium carbide according to customer needs. Another factor that influences the characteristics is the grain size of the tungsten carbide.

What are customized ready-to-press tungsten powder grades?

Customized ready-to-press powder grades are grades that were developed to meet specific customer needs. Tungsten powder grades can vary based on the desired properties and applications. By adjusting the grain size, changing the composition of ingredients like tungsten carbide, cobalt, or chromium carbide, you receive the ready-to press powder for your needs.