Toolmaker Solutions

Hyperion Materials & Technologies is a leading manufacturer of tool blanks for industrial use. Our industry leading material knowledge creates a backbone for the development and production of blanks and products for material removal in the form of cutting or forming. We manufacture a comprehensive offering of tungsten carbides, monocrystalline diamonds, polycrystalline diamonds (PCDs), cubic boron nitrides (CBNs), and other toolmaker solutions.

You can choose to buy any of the products in our broad standard assortment, or you can leverage our expertise to address your specific needs. By partnering with us, we can develop geometries and materials that will enhance your productivity and competitiveness. We can also offer exclusivity to joint solutions, giving you an unparalleled edge in the market.

Our technical sales force will lead you to a known solution or through a solution development process with our engineering experts and our research and development team. Our R&D team includes more than 100 people offering global support, and its mission is organized into the following three focus areas:

  • Product development: development and commercialization of new products
  • Process development and industrialization: development and implementation of new processes and automation technologies
  • Long-term materials and process competence: development of new materials and process concepts for future products and process platforms


Metal Cutting Solutions

We make a broad portfolio of products and materials optimized for reliability and performance in metal cutting operations. You will find both standard and custom-made, near-net-shape tooling blanks in cemented carbide, polycrystalline cubic boron nitride (PCBN) and diamond. Through our advanced manufacturing technology, we offer a wide range of geometries, sizes and finishes on the blanks we supply. Our portfolio includes a comprehensive selection of material grades for many different metal cutting applications.


Metal Forming Solutions

We have been manufacturing dies and nibs since 1947. We have developed the revolutionary Versirion® and Versimax® die blanks for outstanding wire drawing performance. We have advanced production capabilities in powder processing, sintering, high-pressure high-temperature synthesis, coating, and finishing to meet customers' needs for drawing solutions.


Polishing and Lapping Solutions

Our complete line of diamond slurries, suspensions, and compounds suits customers' needs in lapping and polishing silicon carbide, sapphire, metals, and other materials. Hyperion diamond slurries are comprised of unique, patented diamond crystals that provide improved performance compared to that of monocrystalline micron or polymicron diamond materials.


Grinding Solutions

We manufacture a full line of diamond and cubic boron nitride (CBN) mesh and powders. Hyperion diamonds exhibit unrivaled hardness, excellent abrasion resistance, and low coefficients of friction. Our Borazon® CBN is recognized as one of the greatest technological advancements for grinding hardened ferrous and superalloy materials and is second in hardness to diamond with twice the hardness and four times the abrasion resistance of conventional abrasives.


Carbide Manufacturing Solutions

We manufacture premium quality tungsten carbide/cobalt (WC/Co) powder granules that are the key to enhancing customers' operational efficiency and producing quality products. Our spherical powder granules are highly uniform to ensure optimal and consistent flow and compacting.


Contact your sales representative to start the process of creating the toolmaker solution for your needs.