MBG™ Diamond Abrasives


Hyperion Series: MBG 680/300

Number of products: 7

Description: Metal bond grinding diamond abrasives are tightly specified products designed for grinding wheels and workpieces to create high-quality tools for demanding non-ferrous workpiece applications with exceptional performance and consistency.

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Metal Bond Grinding Diamond Abrasives Advantages


Metal bond grinding (MBG) diamond abrasives are tightly specified products that create high-quality tools for highly demanding non-ferrous workpiece applications. They are commonly used for tools that grind and cut material in high-value industries like electronics, semiconductors, automotive glass, ceramics, and carbide. 

MBG diamonds are used in grinding wheel applications and help toolmakers consistently create high-performance tools that provide exceptional workpiece dimensional accuracy and surface integrity while minimizing total cost per part. 


An excellent option for demanding applications in high-value industries, metal bond grinding abrasives provide consistent and precise performances in specialized grinding wheel tools, ensuring exceptional removal rates, specified surface finishes, and tool life. 


Built to Meet Tight Specifications


MBG abrasives offer robust processing and stringent product specifications to help precisely control the diamond’s toughness, crystal shape, and other crystal characteristics, guaranteeing lot-to-lot consistency. This bond grinding feature allows toolmakers to build tools efficiently and effectively to meet their most precise specifications. 


Deliver Superior Surface Integrity


With proprietary processes in producing each metal bond grinding abrasive grade, toolmakers achieve flawless workpieces with minimal tool defects. MBG abrasives can ensure rigorous control of size distributions, thus eliminating oversized diamond particles. Toolmakers can use MBG abrasives to minimize the risk of rogue oversized particles in their tools, creating stronger workpiece surface integrity and minimizing part chipping.



Metal Bond Grinding Diamond Powder Types


Hyperion offers several different metal bond grinding diamond abrasives, from highly tough to extremely friable diamonds. Each product is specifically focused on providing exceptional bond grinding performance for non-ferrous material tools. 


High Toughness Abrasives


Highly tough metal bond diamond grades designed for grinding wheel applications used within glass, electronics, and crystal industries. These diamonds are cubo-octahedral and can be customized to fit specific applications. 


MBG™ 680 Diamond 

Hyperion’s MBG 680 is a highly effective standard grade with cubo-octahedral-shaped crystals. It has outstanding toughness and thermal stability, allowing superior performance in the most demanding and precise applications. MBG 680 abrasives are ideal for electronic applications, achieving exceptional tool productivity. It also can be found in providing workpieces for tools utilized in pencil edging of automotive glass and other glass applications. 


MBG™ 660 Diamond

MBG diamond abrasives, with their well-defined cubo-octahedral-shaped crystals and extremely low eccentricity, offer versatility and reliability. Their minimized internal impurities and lattice strain ensure superior thermal impact and shock resistance, as well as high bulk fracture and shear strength. MBG 660 diamonds excel in tools used in demanding applications with severe grinding forces. They are recommended for tools used in motor core grinding, tungsten carbide button grinding, and performance pencil edging, offering outstanding impact strength and high material removal rates. 


MBG™ 640 Diamond

MBG 640 diamond abrasives are thermally stable with low eccentricity. The cubo-octahedral-shaped crystals contain high impact and fracture strength attributes. Due to its tight distribution of crystals, the diamond material provides exceptional strength, which enhances extended tool life and uniform wear. These diamond abrasives provide toolmakers with excellent free-cutting capability and the ability to achieve high material removal rates in core drilling of glass, decorative grooving of crystal or glass, OD grinding of wear parts, and PD grinding of crystals.


Medium Toughness and Friability Abrasives


Developed with a perfect balance of toughness and friability, these synthetic bond grinding abrasives are best used for workpieces in glass, crystal, and ferrite applications. Hyperion’s medium tough and friable diamonds exhibit facets and surface toughness that can be customized for any application. 


MBG™ 620 Diamond

MBG 620 abrasives are well-formed crystal facets with regions of increased surface toughness that yield good bulk strength. These diamonds offer enhanced thermal stability and are ideal for applications requiring free cutting tools. MBG 620 minimizes workpiece edge chipping and burning for tools that utilize brittle materials. This product is highly recommended for flat glass beveling, edge grinding, pencil edging, seaming, and cut-off wheels for crystal and glass.


MBG™ 610 Diamond 

Hyperion's MBG 610 diamond abrasives offer tools with increased friability and sharp cutting edges, ideally suited for metal bond systems. Its crystals provide a higher surface roughness than MBG 620, making it best suited for grinding glass, quartz, and carbide tools. Toolmakers should consider MBG 610 for tools utilized in the following applications: less severe pencil edging, semi-finishing of flat glass, beveling of furniture glass and mirrors, cut-off wheel grinding for glass and quartz, and grinding of ferrite. 


High Friability Abrasives


Not the toughest metal bond grinding diamonds, but these superabrasives are extremely friable. Designed for poly cubic boron nitride, carbide, and glass workpiece applications, these diamonds provide exceptional bond retention and surface roughness. Hyperion develops these diamonds with angular shapes and can be customized for any application. 


MBG™ 600 Diamond

Hyperion offers synthetic diamond abrasives for glass, carbide, and polycrystalline cubic boron nitride (PCBN) tools because of their high friability. MBG 600 abrasives have sharp and angular shapes that provide excellent friability and enhanced surface roughness that guarantees excellent bond retention. Its impact crystal strength and eccentricity values range between MBG 610 and MBG 300 diamonds, making it ideally suited for electroplated tool applications such as tungsten carbide grinding, metal bond honing of chlorine cylinders, and dental burs. 


MBG™ 300 Diamond

Hyperion's MBG 300 abrasives offer toolmakers with the most friable and angular-shaped diamond crystals. Designed for low dynamic load applications that require fast regeneration of sharp cutting edges, MBG 300 diamonds are effective in both metal and resin bond systems. These abrasives are highly recommended for tools used in low-impact/high-contact area applications such as rubber cut-off grinding wheels, resin bond stone polishing tools, solid polycrystalline cubic boron nitride (PCBN) grinding, and gemstone scarfing.


Metal Bond Grinding Diamond Powder MESH/FEPA Properties


To review our size availability, please consider downloading the MBG Diamond Abrasives MESH & FEPA Size Availability document by clicking on the provided link.  

For additional convenience, Hyperion also offers a global network of sales, customer service, and technical support experts to help guide customers throughout the entire process. Within customer support, Hyperion provides testing, fabrication, and application development support through its R&D center in Worthington, Ohio. 

Hyperion also offers PDS Diamonds for mass tooling solutions, MBS Diamonds for highly specialized tooling solutions, MBH diamonds for metalworking applications, and RVG diamonds for grinding non-ferrous materials. Discover the diamond abrasive materials that best suit your machining needs.