MBH™ Diamond Abrasive Powder


Hyperion Series: MBH 95/10

Number of products: 13

Description: Blended to meet toolmakers’ specific performance requirements for creating high-volume tooling across non-ferrous grinding material applications.

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MBH Diamond Abrasives Advantages


MBH™ (Metal Bond Hybrid) diamond abrasives are blended to meet toolmakers’ specifications and requirements for creating workpiece tooling across non-ferrous grinding applications, such as stone and construction, glass, ceramics, and general industrial. 

These off-the-shelf versatile abrasives are engineered for a wide assortment of workpiece applications. They maintain exceptional quality and performance at a competitive price. 

Hyperion offers a wide selection of MBH diamond grades in various sizes and shapes from 60/80µ to 500/600µ. In addition to the standard range, Hyperion caters to niche applications by providing customizable MBH diamond abrasives. Toolmakers can adjust crystal properties like toughness, shape, size, coatings, and surface treatments to achieve their unique performance goals, allowing them to create adaptable tools that precisely meet their needs.

MBH diamond abrasives offer a range of products that deliver unmatched performance and efficiency. Toolmakers looking to develop superior finishes, faster cutting rates, and extended tool life can count on MBH abrasives to provide distinct advantages. 


Blended to your performance needs

A multi-purpose, consistent diamond for various grinding and cutting applications, MBH abrasives is an engineered product line that is stocked and adaptable to meet the specified needs of multiple tools across several applications. With MBH, toolmakers can depend on using the same diamond to produce and stock multiple high-volume tools that can drive tooling yield.  


Universal Flexibility and Consistency


Suitable for a wide range of operations, MBH diamond abrasives allow toolmakers to produce tools that are flexible in a range of applications. Toolmakers can trust MBH diamonds to protect their margins by offering a technical solution with broad implementation opportunities, ensuring consistent results without the risk of downtime. 



MBH Diamond Abrasives Applications


Hyperion’s MBH abrasive grades are versatile and provide high-performance tooling in several high-volume cutting and grinding applications. These include compound stone, ceramic flooring, non-technical ceramics, and other industrial cutting processes, demonstrating the reliability and quality of MBH diamond powder. 


Stone and Construction


MBH diamond abrasives allow toolmakers to produce mass-volume tools with inconsistent workpieces in stone and construction applications. MBH grades provide a wide operating window, reducing material inconsistencies like tool glazing or rapid tool life loss.    




Toolmakers can utilize MBH as a versatile diamond abrasive, ensuring limited damage to glass edge chipping, irrespective of the tool's geometry or application.    


General Industrial


The MBH abrasive range is positioned for use in general industrial settings, so toolmakers can use it in all general wheel grinding applications 


MBH Diamond Abrasives MESH & FEPA Size Availability


To review our size availability, please consider downloading the MBH Diamond Abrasives MESH & FEPA Size Availability document by clicking on the provided link. 

For additional convenience, Hyperion also offers a global network of sales, customer service, and technical support experts to help guide customers throughout the entire process. Within customer support, Hyperion provides testing, fabrication, and application development support through its R&D center in Worthington, Ohio. 

Hyperion also offers PDS Diamonds for mass tooling solutions, MBS Diamonds for highly specialized tooling solutions, MBG Diamonds for high-demanding glass and electronic applications, and RVG diamonds for grinding non-ferrous materials. Discover the diamond abrasive materials that best suit your machining needs.