RVG™ Diamond Medium Toughness and Friability

Hyperion RVG D medium toughness and friability diamond

Hyperion Series: RVG, RVG-2, and SPR 

Nunmber of products: 13

Description: Standard grade mesh synthetic diamonds designed for carbide, ceramic, and wet grinding.

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Hyperion Materials & Technologies manufactures the RVG, RVG 2, and SPR series diamonds that offer a balance between toughness and friability. These man-made or synthetic diamonds are available as uncoated or coated. Additional information is provided below:


RVG™ Series


Hyperion RVG W diamond

RVG™ W Diamond

Nickel-based alloy coating [coating level 56 wt %]

RVG W diamond is designed for and globally successful in wet grinding applications. The product is universally applicable and the most widely used diamond in phenolic bonds on the market today. Enhanced bond retention and heat dissipation result in prolonged tool life.


Hyperion RVG W30 diamond

RVG™ W30 Diamond

Nickel-based alloy coating [coating level 30 wt %]

RVG W30 diamond is an effective compromise between free cutting RVG diamond and longer life RVG W diamond. Balance between long life and low power consumption is achieved with RVG W30 diamond, which is widely used in tungsten carbide tool grinding.


Hyperion RVG D diamond

RVG™ D Diamond

Copper-based alloy coating [coating level 50 wt %]

Due to its excellent thermal conductivity, RVG D diamond is widely used in demanding wet and dry tool room applications where temperature control is a must.


Hyperion RVG WS60 diamond

RVG™ WS60 Diamond

Spike nickel-based coating [coating level 60 wt %]

RVG WS60 diamond has a specially designed coating for improved bond retention in wet grinding applications, namely water-based coolants. Highly thermal resistant metallic spikes provide extremely long life in severe applications. Excellent thermal stability makes this diamond ideal for applications with long contact lengths such as flute grinding of tungsten carbide drills and face grinding of technical ceramics.


Hyperion RVG NS56 diamond

RVG™ NS56 Diamond

Spike nickel-based coating [coating level 56 wt %]

RVG NS56 diamond is engineered to expand the bond retention advantage of spike nickel coatings to all general purpose applications. It is also universally applicable in all wet grinding applications. The performance advantage offered by the spike coating can be realized in both phenolic and polyimide bonds systems.


Hyperion RVG AG50 diamond

RVG™ AG50 Diamond

Silver coating [coating level 50 wt %]

RVG AG50 diamond is specially designed for tungsten carbide flute grinding with straight oil coolant. Characteristics of this diamond are friable, irregular shapes with a spike silver coating that enhances bond retention, adds lubricity and dissipates heat quickly. Carbide cracking, smoke generation and short wheel life can be eliminated when straight oil is used as a coolant. Other benefits of RVG AG50 diamond are prolonged tool life and decreased power requirements. Best results are produced at low wheel speeds.


RVG™ 2 Series


Hyperion RVG 2 diamond

RVG™ 2 Diamond


RVG 2 diamond is an uncoated, medium-grade resin bond diamond. The product was designed for applications that require performance better than that of economy-grade diamond. The product offers controlled fracturing and self-sharpening properties that lead to excellent free cutting.


Hyperion RVG 2-W diamond

RVG™ 2-W Diamond

Nickel-based alloy coating [coating level 56 wt %]

This product is the coated version of our medium grade resin bond diamond. RVG 2-W diamond is produced with an improved nickel coating that is ideal for wet grinding of ceramics and tungsten carbides. The enhanced coating improves bond retention, resulting in long tool life and consistent performance.


SPR™ Series


Hyperion SPR diamond

SPR™ Diamond


SPR diamond is an economy grade diamond grinding product used for less demanding applications where abrasive cost is the primary consideration. The friability of SPR diamond enables controlled diamond fracturing, wheel self-sharpening and free cutting action.


Hyperion SPR N diamond

SPR™ N Diamond

Nickel-based alloy coating [coating level 56 wt %]

SPR N diamond has a standard nickel coating for improved retention and heat dissipation in bond, resulting in longer wheel life.


Hyperion SPR N30 diamond

SPR™ N30 Diamond

Nickel-based alloy coating [coating level 30 wt %]

SPR N30 diamond is similar to SPR N but has a 30% coating level that enables a reduction in grinding energy and heat generation yet maintains minimal reduction in wheel life.


Hyperion SPR CU50 diamond

SPR™ CU50 Diamond

Copper coated [coating level 50 wt %]

Copper coating increases the thermal conductivity of the wheel rim while improving heat dissipation. SPR CU50 diamond prevents thermal workpiece damage in dry grinding applications.


Hyperion SPR NS56 diamond

SPR™ NS56 Diamond

Spike nickel-based coating [coating level 56 wt %]

SPR NS56 diamond has a spike nickel-based coating designed to increase crystal retention in the bond system. Often crystal concentration can be reduced compared to standard coatings, providing additional value.


Your Hyperion salesperson can offer their expertise in selecting the man-made or synthetic RVG diamond and coating best suited to solve your needs. Hyperion also manufactures synthetic RVG diamonds with


Hyperion also manufactures MBG Diamonds for glass applications and MBS Diamonds for sawing and drilling applications as well as high quality micron diamonds.