How to Select the Carbide Grade Optimized for your Rod Application

Tools made of tungsten carbide are used in a variety of industries and applications, due to their high strength, hardness, and resistance to wear and heat. But how do you select from all the available carbide grades the carbide grade for your tool application?

Grade Series graphic_2.jpg

As there is no international standard for categorizing tungsten carbide grades, tool makers need to rely on their knowledge and the expertise of the carbide blank manufacturer.

Hyperion Materials & Technologies´ knowledge about tungsten carbide has been gained through more than seven decades of R&D and partnerships with customers. We regularly develop and patent new cemented carbide grades that provide tool makers with improved performance. We leverage this knowledge to help you develop the perfect tool for your application.

To help our customers to find the grade optimized for their application, we categorized our grades into three grade series:

To find the optimized grade for your working material, download now our tech note with tables of our grade series, grade descriptions, and recommended working material.

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