Hyperion's Innovative CBN Grade Boosts Honing Productivity

Honing is an essential manufacturing process for finishing precision components and producing engine components such as valves, cylinder block liners, pipes, tubes, and pump parts within the automotive and oil & gas industries. Toolmakers constantly strive to develop and improve honing applications to increase efficiency, reduce costs, and improve quality for their customers and end users. However, doing so is a complicated and challenging process that requires exceptional consistency, performance, and reliability.

Machining hardened steels or alloys using conventional alumina or silicon carbide materials when honing leads to frequent tool change, non-acceptable scrap rates, and lost production time. This article explores how cBN, particularly one innovative grade, exceptionally improves and boosts productivity in honing applications.

Download the tech note and discover how cBN is an excellent option for toolmakers to consider when achieving better honing performance. Learn the unique properties, attributes, and benefits that cBN provides in honing applications that toolmakers can utilize to produce high-quality honing tools for their customers and the automotive and oil & gas end users.