The Importance of Surface Finish and Geometry for Reducing Tear off Rates with Proper Ironing Die Design

The ironing process in the bodymaker machine is a critical step for the manufacturing of drawn and wall-ironed aluminum cans. To ensure the production of high-quality can bodies with low tear off rates, proper ironing die design is essential. Two of the most important factors to consider for designing optimized ironing dies are geometry and surface finish.

The can tooling team at Hyperion Materials & Technologies shares how it leverages its material science and can tooling application expertise to provide engineering and design support for can makers to ensure surface finish, geometry and other critical factors to optimizing ironing die performance are within recommended specifications.

Download the tech note to read more about how the can tooling experts at Hyperion can support your can making operations with updated and optimized ironing die design to enhance the overall performance of your can manufacturing line.

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