R&D develops new process to produce larger Versimax™ blanks

Our Versimax™ polycrystalline diamond (PCD) silicon carbide composite has been the "go-to" product for over a decade for oil and gas, fluid handling, metal forming, automotive, and other industries.

And now, we have expanded our Versimax offering to help you tackle your extremely demanding applications.
The original design of the high-pressure, high-temperature process to manufacture Versimax limited the size of blanks we could offer. But we heard the voice of our customers requesting larger sizes and delivered.

We're pleased to announce we've successfully developed a significantly larger Versimax blank without compromising our superior quality, and now this product is ready to tackle your extremely demanding applications.

The new blanks are nearly three times the volume of our original blanks. Download our tech note and learn more about how our R&D team experts collaborated to deliver this product to the market.

PCD Research and Development