Optimum Cup Size & Diameter Reduction

Metal forming plays a critical role in can manufacturing, and achieving the perfect balance is essential for efficiency and cost control. By mastering the interplay between diameter reduction and drawing ratios, manufacturers unlock the potential for efficient, high-quality production, even when producing a range of can sizes on a single line.

Improper drawing ratios can lead to a domino effect of issues, from excessive scrap generation to downstream defects on finished cans. By understanding the relationship between drawing ratios, diameter reduction, and cup size, manufacturers can optimize their production lines for both cost-effectiveness and high-quality output.

This technical article explores the theoretical and empirical background of drawing ratios, along with practical recommendations for achieving a well-balanced process. The can tooling team at Hyperion Materials & Technologies offers insights on how to properly calculate optimal cup size for multi-size production runs and avoid common pitfalls like punch-throughs and wrinkling.

Download the technical article, Optimum Cup Size & Diameter Reduction, to learn more about how you can achieve optimal can production for your manufacturing line by optimizing your drawing ratios to reduce scrap and generate cost-savings.

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