Reduce risk of can defects through proper cupper match gap design

A well-designed match gap on the cupper press lays the foundation for creating a high-quality aluminum can body by producing defect free cups.

Match gap describes the radial clearance between the die center outer diameter and the blank-and-draw die inner diameter on the cupper press machine. Miscalculating or improperly designing the match gap can lead to issues producing a quality cup and downstream during the can manufacturing process.

Hyperion Materials & Technologies’ can tooling experts share some of their considerations in calculating the optimal match gap and why they partner with makers early in the design process to leverage their materials science and engineering expertise to design cupper press tooling suited for the product features critical in producing defect-free drawn cups.

Download the tech note to read more about how Hyperion can help you properly design the optimal match gap to reduce defects and scrap to improve the overall performance of your can manufacturing line.

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