Sawing Applications Brochure

Hyperion Materials & Technologies offers a complete portfolio of cemented carbide and cermet saw tip blanks for circular, hole, band, and chain saw applications. This catalog includes a complete description of Hyperion’s material grades and saw tip and strip blanks used in stainless, mild, and alloy steel working and other nonferrous applications.

With a full-line product brochure, Hyperion provides customers with cemented carbide and cermet saw tip blanks used in a variety of sawing applications and optimized to fit any cutting application. 

Hyperion's saw tip blanks can meet the highest material performance requirements and saw tooth geometry for each specific application. With more than 2,100 people dedicated to creating solutions for your hard and super-hard material needs through partnership, innovation, and invention, Hyperion's comprehensive offering of cemented carbide and cermet grades meets the changing manufacturing productivity demands of the saw blade manufacturing industry. 

Download Hyperion's Sawing Applications catalog and discover what materials best solve your manufacturing needs. 

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