Case Study: Hyperion Uses Additive Manufacturing to Help Customer Develop Extra-Long Drawing Die

Vassena Filiere S.R.L., a leading supplier of wire drawing dies based in Italy, was inspired to manufacture a new pressure die to improve wire lubrication and drawing performance.

The novel idea was to create a custom solution to merge a die and a pressure insert into a single device to create a superior wear-resistance drawing die.

Vassena Filiere and Hyperion Materials & Technologies have partnered for more than 25 years to drive innovation in drawing dies solutions, so it was no question both sides would work together to find a solution to Vassena’s latest challenge.

Hyperion has been manufacturing a wide range of premium products for the wire drawing industry for over 70 years, from polycrystalline diamond (PCD) and carbide blanks to rough core dies and diamond compounds, slurries, and suspensions. As a result, Hyperion provides not only innovative products but also offers technical expertise that can be leveraged to develop your drawing solutions.

Hyperion’s latest technology in additive manufacturing (3D printing) was a crucial solution for Vassena’s newest development. Hyperion used its carbide additive manufacturing capabilities to quickly develop an innovative prototype to be the key to the manufacturing process. The prototype was created with near-net-shape geometry and designed to merge the pressure insert and drawing die. This solution created a faster, more substantial, and higher quality wear-resistant material with better lubrication.

As a result, Hyperion went through multiple production processes to help Vassena develop the product and assure them of a cost-effective solution with quick development to validate the concept.

What was the prototype? Is it able to be mass-produced? And what future projects can Hyperion help develop? To learn more about the challenge and how Hyperion improved the manufacturing process for extra-long drawing dies, fill out the form to the right to download our tech note.

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