cBNMesh Vitrified Bond Systems

cbnmesh k8

Hyperion code: cBN K8/M6 

Grading: Mesh/FEPA 

Description: CBN crystals combined with vitrified bonds to create a glassy or “glass bond” material best suited for rough grinding, semi-finish grinding, finish grinding, polishing, molding, and edge preparation. 

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cBNMesh vitrified bonds combine abrasive materials such as aluminum oxide, silicon carbide, diamond, and CBN (CUBIC BORON NITRIDE) with ceramic materials to create a glassy or “glass bond” material. Grinding applications in which vitrified bonds are most suitable include rough grinding, semi-finish grinding, finish grinding, polishing, molding, and edge preparation. Vitrified bonds have good thermal stability with good brittleness and rigidity. In addition, it features high strength, self-sharpening, and easy turning and dressing. 

cBNMesh vitrified bond tools form with a porous matrix of CBN crystals. They successfully remove chips and circulation of coolant, making the bonds suitable for high MRR (Material Removal Rates) grinding of ferrous workpieces. However, with their low thermal conductivity, cBNMesh vitrified bonds are best used for conventional wheels and are unsuitable for grinding, generating high heat. 

At Hyperion Materials & Technologies, we develop and supply our cBNMesh offering for use in vitrified bonds to generate free-cutting ability for all tool applications when grinding ferrous materials. The CBN range covers a variety of tool applications with a wide range of sizes and strengths, each tailored to suit a particular application. In addition, the color of the CBN particle is a function of the synthesis process and the raw materials used. 

cBN K8

cBN K8 is a predominantly tetrahedral-octahedral CBN in terms of morphology, presenting a sharp/angular particle shape with high material removal rates possible in vitrified bonded tools. 

cBN M6

cBN M6 is one of the most cubobo-octahedral CBN product offerings from Hyperion. It is a black, blocky, strong option designed for honing applications capable of meeting the demanding high surface finish required. 

cBNMesh Chart.jpg

This product line is an expansion of our Hyperion Materials & Technologies Ireland offerings helping you find the right fit for your tool application. Contact your local Hyperion salesperson for expertise in selecting the mesh CBN best suited to solve your needs. 

Hyperion also manufactures a range of micron CBN powders and micron diamond powders as well as high quality mesh diamonds. 

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