Helicut Rotary Cutting Technology

Hyperion Helicut rotary cutting technology

Type: Helicut

Dimensions: as per drawing/requested

Description: Patented Helicut rotary cutting technology is suitable for cutting profiles that are oriented in the cross direction compared to the material flow, thus requiring high cutting forces and generating vibrations. With Helicut, the cutting process becomes smoother and performance is greatly enhanced.

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Main Features


  • Adapted especially to straight cut applications: also can be adapted to shaped profiles
  • Helicoidal shape of the cutting profile around the circumference of the cutter, compensated by a tilt angle on the cutting unit
  • Reduced cutting forces proportional to the tilt angle



  • Perfect straight cut, even on long edges
  • Smooth cut and no vibrations ensure long lasting performance for both cutter and anvil
  • High efficiency reduces machine downtimes and spare part and maintenance needs


Your Hyperion salesperson can help you select the rotary cutter solution best suited to solve your needs.