Rotary Cutting Tools

Hyperion cemented carbide cutting tools array

Type: Multiple

Dimensions: as per drawing/requested

Description: Broad range of rotary cutting tools for a multitude of cutting applications, including face masks, medical, and hygiene products.

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Below are examples of the cemented carbide rotary cutting solutions Hyperion Materials & Technologies manufactures.  These cutters provide superior cutting for your hygiene, medical, face mask, and other needs.


Anatomic Cut


Anatomic Cut 500x238.png


Anatomic Cut, multi lane

Anatomic Cut Multi 500x263.png


Anvil, Positive Bending (PBA)

Anvil PBA 500x282.jpg


Anvil, Regular

Anvil Regular 500x238.jpg


Colostomy Bag


Colostomy Bag 500x206.png


Composite Fiber


Composite Fiber 500x200.png


Crotch with Ubilical Cut



Crotch with umbilical cut 500x169.png


Ear Cut


Ear Cut 500x234.png


Face Mask

Facemask 500x282.jpg


Face Mask, multi lane

Facemask 500x282.jpg


Leg Hole Cut



Leg Hole Cut 500x129.png



Medical Cut



Medical Cut 500x123.png


Pods Cut



Pods Cut 500x148.png


Tanga Cut


Tanga Cut 500x219.png


Wings Cut


Wings Cut 500x221.png




Your Hyperion salesperson can help you select the rotary cutter solution best suited to solve your needs.