MICRO Unit Rotary Cutter

Rendering of Hyperion's MICRO Unit rotary cutter

Type: MICRO Unit

Dimensions: as per drawing/requested

Description: Our smallest cutting solution suitable for a broad range of rotary cutting applications. Provides all the features and components of our Regular model in a smaller, more cost-effective unit.

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The compact MICRO Unit rotary cutter is designed for:

  • Tape cut
  • Ear cut
  • Straight cut - Helicut platform
  • Medical care
  • Packaging.


Main Features Benefits
  • Rotary cutter made from Hyperion’s premium carbide grade
  • Engineered for optimal installation, size changes, and maintenance
  • Compact frame that fits in your existing line
  • Weighs less than 30 kg
  • Easy to handle
  • 20-minute change out
  • Reduced initial investment costs
  • Optimized design enables shorter delivery
    time of finished product

You may download a leaflet with additional information about the MICRO Unit by visiting the PDF & Video Downloads section of the rotary cutter home page.


Your Hyperion salesperson can help you select the rotary cutter solution best suited to solve your needs.