6UDPlus - Premium Performance & Efficiency

Grade 6UDPlus die blank for wet drawing

Hyperion Code: 6UDPlus

Wire Material: Steel cord fine wires

Description: Ultrafine cemented carbide drawing nibs (blanks).

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With its extensive knowledge in materials science, Hyperion Materials & Technologies continues to develop innovative carbide-grade products for the wire drawing industry. Hyperion continuously researches and develops new solutions to meet and partner with customers to develop tailor-made solutions, introducing 6UDPlus, a high-performance carbide grade developed for drawing steel cord fine wires.

Developed for next-generation steel cord drawing, 6UDPlus is a premium carbide grade, uniquely formed to combine ultrafine cemented carbide with special additives to maximize corrosion resistance and hardness without compromising toughness, providing the wire drawing die with magnificent wear resistance.

Compare our reference examples of 6% Ultrafine Grades and 3% Extra Fine Grades vs. 6UDPlus:


6UD Plus Comparison Chart with 6% UF Grade.jpg

6UD Plus Comparison Chart with 3% EF Grade V2.jpg

Reduce Your Total Cost of Ownership with Grade 6UDPlus

Significant operational savings can be made by upgrading your tool to grade 6UDPlus. This advanced carbide grade provides four primary benefits to the consumer:

  • More stability on the drawing line
  • Improved machine uptime
  • Networking capital reduction
  • Superior tool performance.


All these benefits and savings significantly reduce your total cost of ownership (TCO), maximizing the value of your tool in the long term. In addition, all of these benefits result in a more environmentally sustainable solution.


Advanced Carbide Grade

Incremental Die Life

Decreased Die Consumption


Drawing Stability

More Stable Drawing Quality

Less Wire Scrap

Reduced Tooling or Wire Die Breakages


More Machine Uptime

Longer Wire Batch Production

Production Flex to New Orders

Less Energy Consumption of the Machine


Net Working Capital

Fewer Re-cuts

Lower Die Inventory Required

Better Machine Utilization


With repeatable and consistent performance, dies of grade 6UDPlus can be the superior option for wet drawing steel cord wire.

Contact your local Hyperion sales representative to learn more about the benefits of grade 6UDPlus die blanks.