Troubleshoot High Hardness and Low Elasticity in Aerospace Tooling

In the dynamic world of aerospace manufacturing, precision and reliability are paramount. Titanium, with its exceptional properties of high hardness, strength, and corrosion resistance, stands as a cornerstone material for aerospace applications. However, creating high-performance tools for machining titanium presents unique challenges. Toolmakers have constant pressure to provide innovative aerospace tooling solutions to improve machining efficiency, reduce cycle times, and enhance overall productivity.

The guide "Troubleshoot High Hardness and Low Elasticity in Aerospace Tooling" provides strategies and insights, including tests results of milling titanium, on how to improve precision and tool-life by tackling the strength, high hardness and low elasticity of titanium: 

  • Explore the benefits of advanced carbide materials designed to endure the abrasive nature of titanium. 
  • Discover how to increase the tool-life and consistent performance of aerospace tooling. 
  • Understand how strategic partnerships with non-rival suppliers such as Hyperion Materials & Technologies can fuel innovation and drive continuous improvement in aerospace tooling. 


Through precision engineering, innovation, and strategic collaboration, toolmakers can deliver reliable aerospace tooling solutions, meeting the strict standards of the aerospace industry.   


Download the guide "Troubleshoot High Hardness and Low Elasticity in Aerospace Tooling" to learn more.