Sleeve Model Rotary Cutter

Hyperion sleeve model rotary cutter

Type: Sleeve

Dimensions: as per drawing/requested

Description: Patented rotary cutter solution delivering extreme flexibility and quick format change. It is suitable for femcare, babyear cuts, and medical applications. The Sleeve technology enables a strong return on total investment while maintaining outstanding cutting performance.


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The sleeve rotary cutter model is designed for:


  • Babycare backear, frontear, and tape cut
  • Femcare
  • Adultcare light incontinence
  • Other applications.



Benefits of the sleeve concept:


  • Outstanding cemented carbide lifetime reduces resharpening and spare parts costs
  • Quick tool assembly/disassembly optimizes maintenance time
  • No need for spare frame, only buy the cemented carbide sleeve and anvil
  • Reduced size and weight allow lower resharpening and transportation costs.


Quick and easy assembly and disassembly

Step 1: Unload frame

Hyperion Sleeve model

Step 2: Bearing disassembly

Hyperion Sleeve model

Step 3: Cutter disassembly

Hyperion Sleeve model

Step 4: Frame without cutter

Hyperion Sleeve model

Step 5: Anvil tray insertion

Hyperion Sleeve model

Step 6: Anvil disassembly

Hyperion Sleeve model

Hyperion cemented carbide sleeves are easy to assemble and disassemble. Our cemented carbide sleeves also qualify for our cemented carbide recycling program.

Your Hyperion salesperson can help you select the rotary cutter solution best suited to solve your needs.