We Are Committed to Environmental Sustainability

Hyperion Materials & Technologies values the environment and is committed to sustainability. As an organization that focuses on continuously improving, increasing efficiency, and eliminating waste, sustainability is a fundamental component of our company culture and part of our core values. We concentrate our sustainability initiatives in four main areas:

  • Focusing on reducing, reusing, and recycling activities
  • Reducing our greenhouse gas emissions
  • Empowering our people to make a difference in sustainability initiatives
  • Working with customers and stakeholders to develop innovative solutions that drive our sustainability goals.


Hyperion Materials & Technologies values the environment and is committed to sustainability


Hyperion's "Pillars of Sustainability"



We are committed to operating as a sustainable business by reducing, reusing, and recycling materials that could impact the environment. Across our operations, we develop a continuous improvement mindset that pushes us to make an impact. We also work with our clients to recycle their used tungsten carbide tools and components, which we then use as raw materials while still maintaining the high standards our customers demand. Learn more about our comprehensive carbide recycling process.


Greenhouse Gas Emissions

We are committed to making products in a way that reduces our carbon footprint and emission of greenhouse gases. Through our culture of continuous improvement, we are always upgrading our facilities and implementing innovative manufacturing solutions to optimize energy efficiency.



Creating a sustainability culture and mindset is critical to success. We empower our employees to own and engage in environmental sustainability initiatives that help us drive results. We also commit and dedicate resources to help promote and support those initiatives.


Product Innovation

Hyperion cannot do this alone. We collaborate with customers and other stakeholders to drive innovative, sustainable solutions that optimize productivity and minimize waste across our entire portfolio. We apply decades of experience in materials science, engineering, and manufacturing to support sustainable and emerging technologies, including producing energy and extracting resources in the most efficient and sustainable ways possible. Learn more about our offering to the energy and natural resources industries.


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