Rotary Cutter Extensions

High-performance rotary cutter extensions for a wide range of rotative cut, straight cut, and slitting applications on converting lines

Through a deep understanding of rotary cutter and converting line applications, Hyperion Materials & Technologies has developed a range of rotary cutter extensions that can integrate seamlessly into existing processing lines. Hyperion’s line of rotary cutter extensions for rotative cut, straight cut, and slitting applications are made of high-quality materials to offer customers solutions to improve cutting performance, flexibility and efficiency of the line to optimize productivity while maximizing savings over the life of the tooling.


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Product Groups

Type: IQUT

Dimensions: as per drawing/requested

Description: Embracing the trend of Industry 4.0, we have developed an intelligent rotary cutting solution able to measure and monitor the parameters that have an influence on the cutting performance. 

IQUT System (cropped & reduced).jpg

Type: HTC

Dimensions: as per drawing/requested

Description: Patented rotary cutter extension based on HTC technology is specifically suitable for improving cutting stability and reliability in processes running at high speeds or in challenging cutting conditions. It includes a dampening device able to stabilize the cut and thus enhance rotary cutting performance.

Hyperion HTC rotary cutter extension technology

Type: Helicut

Dimensions: as per drawing/requested

Description: Patented Helicut rotary cutting technology is suitable for cutting profiles that are oriented in the cross direction compared to the material flow, thus requiring high cutting forces and generating vibrations. With Helicut, the cutting process becomes smoother and performance is greatly enhanced.

Hyperion Helicut rotary cutting technology

Type: A-Flex

Dimensions: as per drawing/requested

Description: A-Flex rotary cutting technology allows customers to quickly replace the anvil without disassembling the rotary cutter unit from the line. This solution reduces downtime and optimizes the need for spare parts, thus generating savings.

Hyperion A-flex rotary cutting technology



Hyperion’s intelligent rotary cutting solution extends the capabilities of cutting units on the converting line with sensors and communication tools to help customers collect critical working data and improve process controls.



Helicut is designed for cutting profiles that are oriented across the material flow and provides a smooth cut with no vibrations. Patented Helicut technology offers reduced vibrations and smooth cuts ensuring high-efficiency cutting that reduces machine downtimes for maintenance and the need for spare parts.


HTC – High Technology

The HTC extension by Hyperion offers a vibration damping system to protect the anvil and cutting edge that can lengthen tool lifetimes by up to 50 percent. HTC also features a tuned mass damper for stable cutting at high speeds and a specific vacuum system design for perfect trim and pad control.



The A-Flex rotary cutter extension utilizes a sliding quick anvil change system to allow anvil replacement without disassembly of the rotary cutting unit to reduce downtime for maintenance and optimize productivity.