Research & Development

Hyperion Materials & Technologies' expertise in hard and super-hard materials makes a strong foundation for developing new products to meet our customers' most demanding challenges. The Hyperion Technology Team consists of over 100 people worldwide, and its mission is organized into the following three focus areas:

  • Product development: development and commercialization of new products
  • Process development and industrialization: development and implementation of new processes and automation technologies
  • Long-term materials and process competence: development of new materials and process concepts for future products and process platforms.


research & development

Our laboratories enable modeling, product development, characterization, and evaluation of a wide range of materials from cemented carbide (also known as solid carbide or tungsten carbide (WC)) and ceramics to diamond (crystal and polycrystalline (PCD)) and cubic boron nitride (CBN). 

We also have the capability to evaluate and conduct post-mortem analysis of a wide range of tools such as inserts, round-tools, drawing dies, drilling and mining cutters, hot rolls, and wear parts.

In 2017, Hyperion established a new Carbide Research & Development Center, located in the Can Tooling Competence Center in Barcelona. The R&D Center employs researchers focused on developing next generation materials, products, and process technologies to support the business. 

The R&D team also has the responsibility to deliver new product development (NPD) opportunities, working closely with global engineering teams. For this purpose, two satellite centers were set up: one in Barcelona and a second in Michigan, USA. The NPD team includes additional engineers with specific competence on product design and carbide prototyping processes. 

The R&D Center serves as the core technology enabler, supporting a decentralized product development activity already operating in the production units. The model is geared towards strengthening our ability to better serve customers with new products, increasing the alignment with business needs and improving responsiveness. The above investment in people and R&D center represents Hyperion’s commitment to continued investments towards a solid future.


After the anniversary of the new R&D carbide centre in our plant in Barcelona with a total of 15 new people recruited, we are now successfully closing the project. We would like to take this opportunity to thank ACCIÓ (Generalitat de Catalunya) for the financial contribution received. 


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