Additive Manufacturing

Hyperion Materials & Technologies' additive manufacturing process delivers complex geometries with the wear resistance of cemented carbide, so you do not have to compromise your design to gain the material advantages of cemented carbide.


Until now, the use of cemented tungsten carbide in many applications was limited by shaping constraints and customers were left with few alternatives.  This resulted in the use of steels and other materials to manufacture complex parts. These materials do not have the optimal characteristics to withstand stressful applications, thus often resulting in premature wear and failure. 

The additive manufacturing (AM) process at Hyperion allows our manufacturing experts to collaborate with customers on new geometric features that could enhance component performance or even to create new shapes to solve current challenges.

Hand-in-hand with the lack of design constraints is the use of AM to rapidly develop and test prototypes.  Minimum batch sizes are no longer relevant so cemented carbide parts created by AM can be used as prototypes or as replacements.


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