WorldPM 2022 Congress & Exhibition

Oct 09 - Oct 13, 2022
Logo for WorldPM 2022 in Lyon, France

Members from our research and development team are excited to participate in the World PM2022 Congress & Exhibition October 9 to 13 in Lyon, France. This international conference is the foremost event for the international powder metallurgy community.

We are pleased to recognize that Dr. Núria Cinca, one of our senior R&D engineers, will co-chair a technical session titled “Hard metals, cermets and diamond tools: Cermets and Hardmetals” on Thursday, October 13.

Dr. Cinca and Dr. Olivier Lavigne, another one of our senior R&D engineers, also contributed to and/or will present the following:

  • Friction, Material Transfer and Wear Phenomena in Sliding Contacts Between Cemented Carbide and Aluminium During Metal Forming (additional contributors are Sandra Gordon, Luis Miguel Llanes, and Mikael Olson)
  • New Cemented Carbide Grades for Improved Performance in Erosive and Corrosive Environments for Oil and Gas Applications (presenting some of Hyperion’s most recent material innovations during an Industry Corner Meeting)
  • Effect Of Mo2C Additions on Grain Growth in NbC-Ni Cemented Carbides (presented by Jean-Michel Missiaen; additional contributors are Mathilde Labonne, Sabine Lay, and Luis Garcia).


In addition, Jeffrey Taylor, president of Crafts Technology, which is part of the Hyperion family of companies, will present in the Special Interest Seminar (SIS) Hard Materials in the Value Chain:

  • Tungsten Carbide PM Products in High Precision and High-performance Engineered Tooling and Wear Solutions.


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