Abrasives Catalog: Borazon™ CBN

The Borazon™ CBN catalog from Hyperion Materials & Technologies offers a completed portfolio of cubic boron nitride abrasives to meet the needs of tool makers. This catalog of Borazon CBN products includes cBN superabrasives for vitrified, metal, resin, and electroplated bond systems to best fit your application needs.

With a full-line product portfolio, Hyperion Materials & Technologies is positioned to provide our global customers with superabrasives that achieve exceptional performance in grinding hardened ferrous and superalloy materials when and where they need it.

Hyperion's Borazon cubic boron nitride family of products enhances the productivity of modern machine tools in conjunction with a variety of bound systems. We provide a wide range of products for vitrified, electroplated / single-layer, metal bond, and resin bond systems.s

Now more than ever, hundreds of raw materials are being ground, from superalloys and thermal sprays in aerospace products to hardened steel in bearings and gears. Borazon CBN grindings these materials with extreme efficiency and optimum cycle times, all while achieving excellent tool lifespans.

Download the full-line portfolio of Hyperion's Borazon CBN products and discover what materials are best suited to solve your manufacturing needs.