Cemented Carbide Nibs Catalog

The Hyperion Materials & Technologies carbide nibs catalog details a complete portfolio of cemented carbide die blanks for ferrous and non-ferrous wire drawing applications. This catalog includes a full range of standard dimensions with impeccable geometry providing tight dimensional tolerance and perfect coaxiality and meeting point, including the R-Series, DIN, ISO, JIS, EDM, and large die blanks, as well as offerings including as-sintered, outer diameter ground, and cased rough core drawing nib blanks.

With a full-line product portfolio, Hyperion Materials & Technologies is positioned to provide its global customers with cemented carbide nibs used in wire drawing applications such as steel cord wires, steel bars, springs, cable, fasteners, reinforced concrete fibers, welding wire, magnet wire and more. 

As the demand for wire continues to grow and penetrate the global market, there becomes an increasingly stressed need for high-performance wire products across automotive, construction, energy, and utilities applications. Diemakers and toolmakers constantly seek innovative opportunities and tools to maximize wire production. Hyperion offers diemakers a wide selection of cemented carbide nibs designed in near-net-shape forms to provide efficient grinding time and unique grade compositions to boost wire productivity. 

Hyperion's cemented carbide nibs offer superior quality in raw material powder and excellent process control, the basis for consistent cemented carbide nib blank material. Cemented carbide nib blanks can handle extremely tough conditions when drawing wire and are highly resistant to abrasion and corrosion, reducing wear resistance. Cemented carbide nib blanks help enhance the tool life of the wire die. As a result, carbide nibs increase wire production and make wires less likely to break and fail, reducing downtime. 

Download the Hyperion cemented carbide nibs catalog and discover what products best solve your wire production needs. 

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