Compax™ PCD Wire Die Catalog

The Compax PCD wire die catalog from Hyperion Materials & Technologies offers a complete portfolio of polycrystalline diamond die blanks for wire drawing non-ferrous applications. This catalog includes a full range of Compax die blanks, including self-supported, carbide-supported, and sub-micron die blanks.

With a full-line product portfolio, Hyperion Materials & Technologies is positioned to provide its global customers with Compax™ PCD die blanks used in the wire drawing process to compress the wire and shape while reducing its diameter.

Compax PCD die blanks can handle extremely tough environments, drawing fine and ultrafine wires, and are used to produce exceptionally smooth and precise surface finishes, which are critical for achieving the desired mechanical properties and performance characteristics for wire cords. Hyperion's family of Compax PCD die blanks helps provide a longer tool lifespan by reducing the need for frequent die replacements.

Download the full-line portfolio of Hyperion's Compax PCD Wire Die catalog and discover what materials best solve your manufacturing needs.

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