Compounds & Slurries Brochure

The diamond compounds and slurries catalog from Hyperion Materials & Technologies offers a complete portfolio of diamond and cBN micron-sized powder and liquid paste for lapping and polishing ferrous and nonferrous materials.

With a full-line product portfolio, Hyperion Materials & Technologies is positioned to provide its global customers with diamond and cBN compound & slurry abrasive materials that provide a consistent and high-quality polish, lapping, and finishing of metallurgical, metalwork, semiconductors, hard disk drives, wire dies, stone and construction, electronic, and ceramic applications.

Hyperion's family of diamond compound paste, mixed with water-soluble and oil-soluble carriers, provides unique solutions to generate the best performances for each application. In contrast, its full line of slurries and suspensions generates a smooth surface finish and is used with polishing pads, cloths, or lapping plates.

With over 60 years of experience, Hyperion is a leader in manufacturing synthetic diamond abrasives to solve customers' needs. Download the full-line portfolio of Hyperion's compounds & slurries brochure and discover what materials best solve your manufacturing needs.