DZ07 Carbide Grade Meets NORSOK Requirements

Changing requirements for balancing mechanical properties of impact resistance and erosion resistance in oil and gas drilling are influencing the tools and components used in upstream oil and gas operations. Experts at Hyperion have innovated a new carbide grade to meet these requirements.

With decades of experience providing solutions that drive productivity in the oil and gas industry, Hyperion offers many carbide grades that deliver erosion resistanace superior to steel and cobalt-chromium alloys.

In harsh drilling applications, toughness and corrosion resistance are imperative. Recent changes to the industry-standard NORSOK* carbide specifications mandating higher toughness while maintaining exceptional erosion resistance, meant the oil and gas industry needed a new solution.

In response, Hyperion launched a project to develop better-performing alternatives to our premium carbide grades AM12 and DZ05. Read more about the new DZ07 grade and how it delivered the toughness and erosion resistance the industry was looking for.

*NORSOK — The Norwegian petroleum industry develops the NORSOK standards to ensure adequate safety, value-adding, and cost-effectiveness for petroleum industry developments and operations.

Carbide Research and Development