Can manufacturers can reduce downtime for changeovers by up to 98% with grade DZ18 carbide

The global demand for cans continues to increase as beverage companies introduce new product categories and consumers shift to aluminum as a more sustainable beverage package.  As a result, can manufacturers are challenged with producing a growing number of can sizes while also increasing productivity.

Implementing flexible production lines, known as “swing lines,” helps manufacturers to accommodate the production of multiple can sizes, but the process of switching between sizes is time-consuming and negatively impacts efficiency.

In response, Hyperion Materials & Technologies’ can tooling experts devised a plan to reduce the changeover time for swing lines utilizing Hyperion’s patented application specific carbide grade, DZ18.  Read more about Hyperion’s novel low density carbide grade and the innovative solution delivered to our customers in the can manufacturing industry to increase productivity by reducing idle time in the manufacturing process by up to 98 percent. 

Can Tooling Research and Development