Expertise in traditional drilling applications provides boost to emerging technologies such as geothermal energy

One of the services we are most proud to provide at Hyperion Materials & Technologies is the ability to partner with our clients to deliver custom solutions that improve productivity and save money in the long run.

This is especially true with our business partners in the energy and natural resources industries.

What makes these rewarding partnerships even better is when we have opportunities to apply our materials science, engineering, and manufacturing expertise to support environmentally sustainable initiatives or help companies reduce their overall impact on the environment.

For many years, we have worked closely with a variety of organizations involved with mining and oil and gas exploration and production that are often under intense pressure to minimize their impact on the environment.

Helping these companies get better at responsibly and efficiently extracting resources and producing energy is fascinating work that can lead to developing new solutions for emerging technologies.

One area in which we are currently experiencing this is geothermal energy. Our team of materials scientists and application engineers has been drawing from decades of experience developing cemented carbide and synthetic diamond grades used in drilling applications and downhole tools to create new solutions that benefit geothermal energy drilling.

The result so far has been the development of carbide cutting inserts specifically designed for the unique aspects of geothermal drilling that boost efficiency by as much as 30 percent. To learn more about this product offering, fill out the form to the right and download the TechNote.

By making the drilling process more efficient, we are helping our customers complete projects faster, which not only benefits their productivity and maximizes profitability but also reduces the overall impact on the environment. Spending less time on drilling sites minimizes disturbance of the land, reduces resources used in the process, and decreases the amount of emissions created. And as a bonus, we are contributing to a more cost-effective way to produce environmentally friendly energy.

As mentioned earlier, helping to develop smart energy solutions as society works to transition away from fossil fuels and reduce harmful emissions is rewarding work. Producing better carbide cutting inserts for geothermal drilling is only one small example of what we can do to help customers achieve better results. Don’t hesitate to contact us for a consultation about wear-resistant components, fluid-handling products, or any type of advanced material solution that can help you overcome challenges from the stressful environments often encountered when extracting resources and producing energy.