Micron Products Catalog

The micron products catalog from Hyperion Materials & Technologies offers a complete portfolio of diamond and cBN micron-sized abrasives to meet the needs of tool makers. This catalog includes diamond powders and cBN powders for demanding applications in grinding, polishing, lapping, and finishing hardened ferrous and nonferrous materials.

With a full-line product portfolio, Hyperion Materials & Technologies is positioned to provide our global customers with abrasive materials that achieve excellent removal rate performances and exceptional surface finishes on workpieces when and where they need it.

Hyperion's family of micron diamond products is available in a wide variety of metal and resin bond systems and copper, nickel, and titanium coatings for improved crystal retention. Hyperon also offers a wide range of Borazon™CBN micron powders for grinding hardened ferrous and superalloy materials.

Download the full-line portfolio of Hyperion's micron products and discover what materials best solve your manufacturing needs.