WC-Co grades

Microstructure of WC-Co grade

This group of cemented carbides contains WC and Co only (i.e., two phases) and a few trace elements. These grades are classified according to their Co content an Microstructure of WC-Co carbide grade d WC grain size.

The grades with binder content in the range 10 to 20% by weight and WC grain sizes between 1 and 5 μm have high strength and toughness, combined with good wear resistance.
The grades with binder contents in the range 3 to 15% and grain sizes below 1 μm have high hardness and compressive strength, combined with exceptionally high wear resistance.


Microstructure of γ-phase grade

The Hyperion Materials & Technologies’ grade program also includes WC-Co grades that utilize a range of ultra-fine WC grain sizes (< 0.5 μm). With such fine uniform grain sizes, a unique combination of hardness, wear resistance, and toughness can be achieved.

Microstructure of γ-phase carbide grade

The grades of cemented carbides in this group contain WC and Co as the main elements, although small additions or trace levels of other elements are often added to optimize properties. These grades are classified according to their cobalt content and WC grain size and are often called the “straight grades”. They have the widest range of strength and toughness of all the cemented carbide types, and this is in combination with excellent wear resistance.


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