Mesh Diamond Overview

Hyperion Materials & Technologies' diamond products are manufactured under a process of advanced engineering methodology to achieve the highest level of product quality and consistency. Our industrial diamonds yield unmatched free cutting properties, a reduction in diamond pull-outs, and a maximum utilization of every crystal in the bond matrix. Most of our diamonds can be coated to protect the crystal from aggressive grinding conditions. These factors allow the diamonds offered in our mesh diamond product portfolio to be successful in a highly competitive market.


Hyperion's mesh diamond products (also known as man-made or synthetic diamonds and grit):


Coatings and treatments available for our mesh diamond products*:

  • Copper based coatings
  • Nickel and spiked nickel based coatings
  • Silver coatings
  • Chromium based coatings
  • Silicon based coatings
  • TI, Ti1, and Ti2 titanium based coatings
  • T-treatment (electroplating)


*Not available or suitable for every diamond type. Ask your Hyperion sales representative for the best coating and treatment options for your diamond selection.


Your Hyperion salesperson can offer their expertise in selecting the mesh diamond best suited to solve your needs.


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