Benefits with Composite Rolls

Hyperion Materials & Technologies' composite roll technologies offer new opportunities for rolling mill managers to improve product quality, reduce downtime, and increase productivity.



The widespread success of composite rolls has been made possible through our close interactions with rolling mills worldwide, having supplied them with cemented carbide rolls since 1965. Our experienced personnel and well-equipped laboratories ensure you get the grade and design you need and provide you with support for today’s and tomorrow’s applications.



Operating experience shows that composite rolls provide up to 20 times the rolled tonnage of conventional cast iron rolls. This translates into a considerable increase in mill output. Scrap is reduced, the production flow runs smoother, and product tolerances and surface finishes are improved.

All in all, Hyperion composite rolls are well-suited for better production economy in the rolling mill. As noted, our cemented carbide composite rolls can increase your rolled tonnage by 20 times. The cast-in-carbide (CIC®) and Talus™ systems take this a step further, as proven in over 100 hot rolling mills all over the world. Explore our rolls solutions for your hot rolling application.

By using cemented carbide rolls from Hyperion, a rolling mill can increase income by more than 15 million USD per year*.

Down time/year (hours) 450 36
Lost production/year (tons) 45,000 3,600
Extra production/year (tons) - >40,000
Increased income/year (USD) - $15,000,000
  Cast Iron Rolls Cemented Carbide Rolls

*Calculated on a production of 100 tons / hour.  All information is typical, and you may see differing results.


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