CIC™ Combi Rolls

Hyperion CIC Combi Roll

Hyperion Code: CIC-Combi

Description: Tungsten carbide layer bonded to a cast iron ring, allowing exchangeable carbide rings to be mounted into a cast iron or steel arbor.

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Hyperion Materials & Technologies' CIC™ combi roll concept consists of multiple elements: the arbor, CIC rings, locking nuts, keys, drive pins, bolts, and spacers.

This technology allows a very versatile range of design options, fit for each application. The inner cast iron interior of the CIC ring allows a series of design possibilities to have a reliable torque transmission. Shrink fit, keyways, and drive pins can be used to secure a proper ring fixture to the arbor, with no risk of slippage.

Hyperion's product specialists are available to help you determine the best solution for all your hot rolling needs.