CIC™ Rings for Tubes

Hyperion CIC cemented carbide tube rolls

Hyperion Code: CIC-Tube

Description: Tungsten carbide layer bonded to a cast iron core. Designed for operation in tube mill applications.

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An optimized combination of cemented carbide and cast iron, Hyperion Materials & Technologies' cast-in-carbide (CIC™) rings for tube rolls merge excellent pass form wear resistance with strength and toughness in the roll body.

The composite design of CIC™ rings means that carbide performs the rolling, while torque transmission is handled by the ductile cast iron.

Hyperion CIC™ rings for tube rolls can give a pass life up to 40 times that of conventional iron rolls. CIC™ rings for tube rolls provide excellent surface finishes, tolerances, and geometries of the rolled tube.

Hyperion's product specialists are available to help you determine the best solution for all your hot rolling needs.