Know Your Carbide Grades: H10F and MH10F are not the Same

When it comes to carbide grade naming, the similar letter/number combinations that brands give their grade names can lead to confusion. One of the most common points of confusion involves the carbide grade names H10F and MH10F. While the names appear similar, the two grades are vastly different. 

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H10F: A High-Performance Carbide Grade With a Long Legacy


H10F is a carbide grade that was developed in 1982 by the Sandvik Group. It is known for its outstanding performance and versatility in many industrial applications. H10F grade carbide is only manufactured by Europe-based Sandvik and United States-based Hyperion Materials & Technologies. Hyperion can produce H10F grade carbide because it was part of Sandvik until 2018.

While the name MH10F might imply that the carbide grade is related to H10F, the two are not connected. MH10F is a carbide grade produced by China-based carbide manufacturer CY Carbide Mfg. Co., LTD (CYC). CYC was founded in 2003 in Kunshan, which is about 50 kilometers from Shanghai. MH10F from CYC is distributed by Ultra-Met in the U.S. 


Why choose H10F:


  • Long legacy: H10F carbide is the result of four decades of continuous refinement and innovation. Its development in 1982 underscores Hyperion’s commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions to meet the evolving needs of industries.

  • Secure and reliable supply chain: H10F is manufactured by Hyperion in both North America and Europe, ensuring a secure and efficient supply chain.

  • Uncompromising quality and consistency: Quality and consistency are the cornerstones of Hyperion’s carbide offerings. H10F is no exception; it boasts unparalleled quality and consistency, a testament to Hyperion’s rigorous manufacturing processes and stringent quality control standards.


If you’re looking for H10F, then only the grade H10F will do. H10F grade carbide from Hyperion is the original H10F that has built a reputation as the gold standard for versatile carbide tool production during the past 40-plus years, and it is part of Hyperion’s broad portfolio of carbide rod grades under the Hyperion, AFC Hartmetall and Sinter Sud brands. 

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FAQs about H10F and MH10F carbide grades

What is H10F carbide?

H10F is a tungsten carbide grade that incorporates 10 percent cobalt binder and is commonly used in many industrial applications. When used to manufacture high-performance carbide rods, H10F carbide is an optimal solution for those who make drilling, milling and reaming tools. Grade H10F offers superior consistency batch-to-batch in combination with strength, toughness, wear resistance, and edge sharpness.

Who makes H10F carbide?

H10F carbide is manufactured by the United States-based company Hyperion Materials & Technologies and the Sweden-based Sandvik Group. No other company manufactures H10F grade carbide.

Where is H10F carbide manufactured?

H10F carbide is manufactured in North America and Europe by Hyperion Materials & Technologies, as well as at selected Sandvik locations.

What is MH10F carbide?

MH10F is described by distributor Ultra-Met as a “general purpose grade” that is “suitable for drilling, milling and reaming applications.

Who makes MH10F carbide?

MH10F is made by People’s Republic of China-based CY Carbide (CYC).

Where is MH10F carbide manufactured?

MH10F carbide rods are manufactured at two sites in Kunshan, China, with raw materials produced in CYC’s raw material production site in Jiangxi.