K1500 Oil-based Suspensions

Hyperion diamond slurries and suspensions

Hyperion Code: K1500

Application: Lapping, polishing, and cleaning

Description: Oil-based suspensions available in a variety of synthetic diamonds, natural diamond, and cubic boron nitride (CBN).

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What is our K1500 Oil-based Suspension?


Hyperion Materials & Technologies manufactures water/oil soluble K1500 oil-based suspensions to complement the use of oil as well as water for achieving more productive results and facilitating cleaning.

We combine man-made or synthetic monocrystal, multicrystalline, or polycrystalline diamond (PCD) powder with oil-based lubricating liquids with additives to create the suspension solution for your needs.  Follow the four easy steps below to select your Hyperion suspension solution.

Tailored Product - Step by Step


  1. Select the diamond type (or CBN)
  2. Select the diamond size (example: 8 - 16 microns)
  3. Select a concentration - how much diamond is needed in the formulation (light, medium, or heavy)
  4. Select the packaging (type and size).




Determine what type of diamond is needed in the application:

  • SJK-5 - monocrystal diamond powder (most popular diamond type used in compounds)
  • RJK-1 - multi-crystal diamond powder that is more friable than a monocrystal diamond < 10 microns
  • Poly - polycrystalline diamond available in sizes
  • Hyperion - surface enhanced diamond crystals available in a broad range of sizes and crystal structures
  • NAT - natural diamond available in a variety of sizes
  • Also available in cubic boron nitride (CBN) grades.




Diamonds are available in 15 standard crystal sizes ranging from 0 to 70 microns (100,000 to 270 mesh).




  • Light - Suitable for finishing operations
  • Medium - Multipurpose choice
  • Heavy - Suitable for material removal.


Package Types and Sizes


Bottle (DMS) Pump/Spray Bottle (DMT)
125 ml 4 oz pump bottle
250 ml 8 oz spray bottle
500 ml  
1,000 ml  
1 gallon  
5 gallon bucket  


Hyperion also manufactures a full line of diamond compounds.


Your Hyperion salesperson can offer their expertise in selecting the slurry or suspension best suited to solve your needs.