Premium Quality

Premium quality granules are the key to enhancing your operational efficiency and to producing high quality cemented carbide blanks. Tungsten carbide ready-to-press powders at a competitive price for your market are also essential for your business results.


Hyperion Materials & Technologies offers:


Premium quality granules

Hyperion’s ready-to-press powders are consistently spherical and have highly uniform dimensions to ensure optimal and consistent flow and excellent compacting properties. This is the key requirement from our customers regarding quality in ready-to-press powders. Hyperion ensures this.


Special / Standard products

Hyperion's standard ready-to-press powder grades cover an important range of cemented carbide applications. We are also able to deliver special grades per customer specifications. Because all businesses do not require the same quality or prices, customized grades can be based on either all virgin materials or a mixture of virgin and recycled materials. Our more than 40 years of experience in the powder business, as well as our secured supply chain for any kind of raw material type, will allow us to offer the best solution for your application.


Powder testing and certification

Hyperion’s ready-to-press powders undergo thorough quality control testing before delivery. With each lot of ready-to-press powder, we provide a certificate reporting the following:

  • Nominal chemical composition of the grade
  • Powder properties: Hall flow / apparent density
  • Pressing properties
  • Physical properties after sintering: density, magnetic properties, hardness, porosity, etc.


Customer service

Hyperion offers short delivery times from our production sites in North America and Europe, as well as flexibility and technical support on how to use our powders. Through our local sales offices worldwide, we work hard to meet our customer’s requirements while guaranteeing the best in service.


Supporting your environment and safety needs

Hyperion manufactures ready-to-press powders in state-of-the-art equipment while observing all environmental and safety regulations. At Hyperion, we are serious about sustainability and our efforts to minimize our impact on the environment. One way we are making a difference is by offering the carbide recycling program to our customers. By using state-of-the-art technology, we are able to internally recycle and convert into ready-to-press powders your by-products such as pressed parts or powders. Another way we can minimize your risks is by buying your tungsten-based scraps and recycling it.



Our business is based on partnerships. Hyperion's objective is to provide innovative solutions to customer challenges. We work hard to understand our customers' needs and work closely with our customers to find the right material, process, product design, and technology that will lead to improved productivity and exceed customer expectations


Your Hyperion salesperson can offer their expertise in selecting the ready-to-press powder best suited to solve your needs.


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