Rotary Cutter Engineering Design & Support

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Type: Rotary Cutter Engineering Design & Support

Location: on/off site

Description: Stand alone engineering service aimed at trouble shooting and/or optimization in order to enhance reliability or performance of rotary cutter solutions. 

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Rotary Cutting Solution provider


As a rotary cutting solution provider, Hyperion Materials & Technologies places the utmost importance on the quality of the supplied components. This includes, among other factors, the choice of the most appropriate materials, the respect of tight geometric tolerances, and the design of a user-friendly unit.

Providing superior tools is only one part of the success. The rotary cutting unit needs to be integrated with the entire converting process, and, above all, it needs to be operated daily to achieve the highest productivity. The interaction of the rotary cutting unit with the converting process and operators is another important success factor. 

Hyperion works closely with customers to provide a high level of technical and manufacturing support, with the ultimate goal of generating savings throughout the product life cycle. Learn more about our engineering, after-sales, recycling, and maintenance services.


Our engineering service includes the following:


  • Design and development of cutting solutions through state-of-the-art 3D CAD systems
  • Cutting profile geometry analysis and optimization
  • Raw material cutting characterization
  • Raw material porosity characterization
  • Airflow analysis through computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulations
  • Structural analysis through finite element analysis (FEM) simulations
  • Vibration analysis and modeling
  • Dedicated test bench for full validation of developed solution
  • Central R&D support for cemented carbide (tungsten carbide (WC) expertise.


Your Hyperion salesperson can help you select the rotary cutter solution best suited to solve your needs.