All-Purpose Carbide Strip Blanks


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Dimensions: Metric

Description: Sinter Sud all-purpose carbide strip blanks are designed for cutting applications such as reamers, knives, woodworking cutters, woodworking tools, and free-forming applications. They are supplied in rectangular shapes, and their carbide grades are tailored to meet specific needs and requirements.  

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Advantages of All-Purpose Carbide Strip Blanks


All-purpose carbide strip blanks are pre-shaped bars of cemented carbide designed by Sinter Sud to create versatile and flexible cutting tools in applications that require critical competitiveness and consistency. They ensure the right balance between industrial quality and efficient performance and are used across various materials and cutting applications. 


Carbide, though a valuable material, can be a significant investment for toolmakers. In today's business environment, where cost competitiveness is paramount, these carbide strip blanks are a reassuring solution. Crafted to deliver reliable and consistent performances, they excel in applications where tool economics is critical. All-purpose carbide blanks are a smart investment, maximizing toolmakers' return by providing extended tool life and simpler fabrication. Stay ahead of the competition by developing quality mass-production tools at a great price.


With a focus on ease and improved tool handling fabrication, all-purpose strip blanks are a testament to Hyperion's commitment to enhancing your tool usage experience. These strip blanks, manufactured with consistent tungsten carbide grades such as K10F, boost a tool's life and performance. These carbide grades provide faster cutting efficiency, smoother surface finishes, and consistent cuts, empowering you to achieve more with your tools.   



Fabrication Simplified

Carbide is much harder than steel and other tool materials, making all-purpose strip blanks ideal for creating cutting edges on tools used to cut through tough materials like metal, wood, and concrete. The cutting edges will stay sharp for longer, reducing the need for the tool to be sharpened and enhancing a tool’s lifespan.   


Reduce the Cost to Manufacture Tooling


All-purpose carbide strip blanks come in pre-sized rectangular shapes, which can be ground into specific shapes needed for the cutting edge of a tool. The material’s reliable and consistent performance helps toolmakers save time and effort compared to starting with a raw piece of metal, reducing the machining cost. 

All-Purpose Carbide Strip Blanks Applications & Industries 


With all-purpose carbide blanks, toolmakers can maximize tooling flexibility and versatility to create highly efficient tools for generally engineered components such as woodworking cutters, tools, reamers, and free-forming applications. 




All-purpose carbide strip blanks offer a versatile, cost-effective solution for producing and replacing reamers. Reamers are rotary cutting tools used for finishing holes that have already been drilled, punched, or bored. They can be easily cut into any desired shape using carbide strip blanks, which also helps improve the precision and smoothness of the tool.   


Woodworking Cutters


All-purpose carbide strip blanks can be built into carbide knives to form woodworking cutters. Carbide performs better and outperforms traditional steel materials because it offers superior hardness, wear resistance, improved cutting efficiency, and a longer tool life. 


Woodworking Tools


The extended wear life of carbide can be very advantageous in high-volume production settings and applications where industrial woodworking tools are frequently used. All-purpose carbide strip blanks can help reduce the downtime of sharpening when producing cutting edges. Due to their increased durability, specialty tools such as router bits for veneering or composite boards can benefit from carbide strip blanks.   


Free forming applications


Free-forming applications, such as custom blades, molds, glass working tools, and forming dies, utilize all-purpose carbide strip blanks to produce sharp cutting edges. The blanks balance industrial quality and efficient performance with practical value across a wide variety of materials and cutting applications.   



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All-Purpose Carbide Strip Blanks Properties


All-purpose carbide strip blanks are designed for cutting applications. Parts are supplied with rectangular shapes and their carbide grades ae tailored to meet toolmakers’ needs and requirements. 


Tungsten Carbide Strip Blank Sizes and Dimensions 



To review our full size availability, please consider downloading the All-Purpose Carbide Strip Blank Sizes and Dimensions document by clicking on the provided link.


Tungsten Carbide Strip Blank Grade Applications 

All-Purpose Carbide Strip Blanks Grades
Grade Applications
K10F K10F is suitable for steel manufacturing applications including non-tempered steels with hardnesses up to 40 HRC as well as aluminium alloys, aluminium magnesium, cast iron and non-ferrous material
K30 K30 is suitable for applications where moderate wear resistance and high toughness is required. It is suitable for woodworking and interrupted cuts.


For additional convenience, Hyperion also offers a global network of sales, customer service, and technical support experts to help guide customers throughout the entire process. Within customer support, Hyperion provides testing, fabrication, and application development support through its R&D center in Worthington, Ohio. 


Hyperion also offers high-performance strip blanks for customized fabrication, metal cutting saw tip blanks for saw blades, and cermet saw tip blanks for exceptional wear resistance in cutting tools. Discover the cemented carbide strip blanks that best suit your machining needs.