Compax™ - Thermally Stable

Hyperion Self-supported Compax PCD

Hyperion Code: Compax™ (TS)

Wire Material: Tungsten/molybdenum

Description: Self-supported and thermally stable PCD die blanks are available in 5 and 25 micron diamond grain sizes with dimensional sizing from D-6 to D-30.

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Product Description

TS Grade

  • Catalyst metal removed
  • Thermally stable up to 1050°C in an inert or reducing atmosphere
  • Can be mounted using high temperature, high strength metal setting powders
  • Not electrically conductive: electrical discharge machining (EDM) not recommended for piercing/shaping
  • Use laser, ultrasonic, or needle piercing/shaping methods.


Recommended Applications

TS or MF Grade

  • Drawing of high carbon steel tire cord
  • Drawing of smaller diameter and critical surface finish nonferrous and ferrous wires.

TS Grade

  • High temperature drawing of tungsten/molybdenum.

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*PCD is manufactured from synthetic diamond.