Ready-to-press hard metal powder (RTP)

Hyperion Materials & Technologies has vast experience in manufacturing and handling ready-to-press HM powder, wire drawing dies as well as wear parts and has in-depth knowledge of the challenges faced by a number of different industries.

We strive to develop innovative solutions together with you to meet your current and future requirements.


Our range of ready-to-press HM powders is based on the composition of tungsten carbide and cobalt (WC/Co). Uniform powder granules are key to increasing your operational efficiency and producing quality products. Our granules are widely recognized for their excellent flow properties that ensure optimal and uniform flow and ideal powder compaction for manufactured HM products.

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We offer a wide range of premium products for the wire drawing industry, from polycrystalline diamond (PCD) and tungsten carbide die blanks, to coarse core tools and diamond compounds including polishing wire drawing tools.

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RTP use cases for various products TAILOR-MADE WEAR PARTS

Hyperion Materials & Technologies provides wear-resistant components to customer specifications whilst prioritizing suitability across the range of our development concepts and applications. This combination should ensure your wear and abrasion related issues are finally solved.

Our experience and knowledge in the development, production and application of tungsten carbide and diamond wear components helps ensure that you benefit from improved performance, productivity and service life in your products.

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Additional services for our customers


Some of the raw materials we use in our tungsten carbide products come from a recycling loop. For this purpose, we offer to buy back your worn-out carbide tools to ensure these can be re-introduced back into the recycling loop. By taking this action, we operate sustainably in an environment with limited resources and minimize our waste effectively.

Before you dispose of your tungsten carbide tool, please contact your local sales office for information on how to get started with tungsten carbide recycling, or learn more about our program by visiting our “Carbide Recycling” website


Scientist working with equipment ADDITIVE MANUFACTURING

The additive manufacturing process (AM) at Hyperion enables our manufacturing experts to work closely with our customers on components with complex, geometric features and improve their component performance or even create new shapes to overcome current issues or restrictions.

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