Uncoated Borazon™ BMP™ Powders

Hyperion Code: BMP I/400/500

Description: Uncoated microcrystalline CBN powders used extensively in fine grinding and as PCBN feedstocks.

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Hyperion Materials & Technologies manufactures Borazon™ BMP™ cubic boron nitride (CBN) powders that have exceptional thermal conductivity and provide improved surface integrity in the grinding of hardened alloy steels, tool steels, and nickel- and cobalt-based superalloys. These powders achieve optimal performance in conjuction with a variety of bond systems.  


BMP-I Superabrasive
Hyperion's BMP-I is a black semi-tough semi-blocky monocrystalline CBN micron product extensively used in fine grinding and as polycrystalline CBN (PCBN) feedstocks. This crystal is used in vitreous bond grinding wheel systems. Its optimum balance of fracture strength and breakdown characteristics enhances wheel lives, surface finishes, and dressing intervals.


BMP-400 Superabrasive
Hyperion's BMP-400 is a tan, thermally stable, monocrystalline CBN micron product with unique fracture characteristics suited for precision grinding. The shape and unique fracture characteristics of BMP-400 provide extended wheel life and low grinding power. Borazon BMP-400 is ideally suited for automotive grinding and honing applications and ID/OD grinding of tools and dies, among other applications.


BMP-550 Superabrasive
Hyperion's BMP-550 is a microcrystalline CBN micron product with good thermal stability suited for metallic and vitrified bonds used for super-finishing honing stones. The fracture strength of this extremely tough product is the highest of any Borazon BMP product. Its shape, surface texture, and consistent toughness make it ideal for demanding high removal rate applications while providing good surface finish. Borazon BMP-550 is widely used in metal and vacuum braze bond systems for honing and grinding.

Your Hyperion salesperson can offer their expertise in selecting the CBN powder best suited to solve your needs.


Hyperion also manufactures a range of coated BMP powders and micron diamond powders as well as high quality mesh diamonds and mesh CBN.